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Paul BOBILLIART Voitures Passion

Entrepreneur since the age of 22 and classic car enthusiast since adolescence, my family has passed on to me this “art of living“, enjoying every moment. It starts as soon as you open the door and you’re instantly transported back to the 70’s… smelling the skai, the oil and the petrol as if you were a child, a real trip back in time where everything was so simple and unique.


Something clicked when my wife and I got married. We got married near Aix-en-Provence and were able to take advantage of a vintage car ride to get to our reception venue. It was just the two of us, our hair blowing in the wind, disconnected from all reality, a moment of pure happiness and freedom.


Voitures Passion is first and foremost a family adventure, and our aim is to share our passion while showing off our magnificent region in the classic cars that have shaped our automotive heritage.


The charm and cachet of the old is unrivalled in our eyes, which is why we want to showcase classic cars while making them accessible to drive, so that we can cater for everyone’s needs and desires, from American, English, Italian or even German cars for a simple drive on the roads of Provence.

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