Terms of Sales

These General Terms and Conditions of Sale (hereinafter referred to as “G.T.C.”) apply without restriction or reservation to all reservations made via the www.voiturespassion.fr website. By placing an order by email and paying for the service, you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions set out below:


www.voiturespassion.fr is owned by S2C SARL, whose registered office is located at 205 B chemin du haut des plaines, 13650 Meyrargues, registered with the Registre du Commerce et des Sociétés d’Aix-en-Provence B 890 958 937.

These general terms and conditions of sale govern the contractual relationship between S2C and its customers. Any reservation validated by the consumer implies the latter’s unreserved acceptance of these terms and conditions of sale.

S2C reserves the right to modify its terms and conditions of sale at any time. In this case, the applicable conditions will be those in force at the date of the buyer’s reservation.


Requests to reserve a service can be made directly on the www.voiturespassion.fr website. Once the request has been received, S2C will send the customer an order confirmation by email with all the details of the service and a payment link. Reservations are only considered effective once payment has been received from the customer.


S2C reserves the right to modify its prices at any time, but undertakes to apply the rates in force at the time of the order, subject to availability on that date.

Prices are quoted in euros and include VAT applicable on the date of the order. Any change in the applicable VAT rate will automatically be reflected in the price of the service. Full payment must be made at the time of ordering. At no time may the sums paid be considered as deposits or advance payments.


To pay for the service, the customer has the choice of all the methods of payment made available by the S2C company. The customer guarantees the S2C company that he/she has the necessary authorizations to use the method of payment chosen by him/her when validating the service.

S2C reserves the right to suspend any reservation in the event of refusal to authorize payment by credit card by officially accredited organizations or in the event of non-payment. Full payment for the service and options will be made via the www.voiturespassion.fr website using the payment methods below:

Payment by credit card:

Payment by credit card is fully secured by the “STRIPE” online payment module.

Payment by bank transfer:

In the event of payment by bank transfer, the bank details of the account to which the transfer is to be made will be sent to you when you make your reservation on the website.

S2C reserves the right to ask the customer for a scan of their identity card, proof of address and any other document required as part of its anti-fraud policy.


The provision of the vehicle is personal and non-transferable and is limited to the duration of the service to which the customer has subscribed. The terms and conditions regarding mileage, age, length of driving licence, etc. are set out in the price list and on the order confirmation sent by email to the customer by S2C. The company undertakes to provide the customer with the vehicle shown on the reservation, except in cases of force majeure, when a substitute vehicle may be offered.

Rentals are for 24-hour periods and are subject to insurance cover (see article 9). Any delay in returning the vehicle in excess of 30 minutes will be automatically billed at a flat rate of €90 including tax (linked to the insurance extension).

On the day the vehicle is made available, the customer must accept and sign the inventory of fixtures via the WeProov Go mobile application. A copy will be emailed to the customer. Similarly, when the vehicle is returned, the customer will have to validate the final inventory of fixtures using the same procedure.

On D-day, the customer is informed of the precautions to be taken, how to drive the vehicle and its specific features. All information is available in the technical manual supplied with each vehicle.


In addition to the prohibitions inherent in the Highway Code in force in France, the vehicle may under no circumstances be used on a racetrack, on an unmade road, or to tow another vehicle or trailer. The vehicle may not leave French territory.

highway: The use of highway and all toll roads is forbidden for reasons of safety and proper vehicle operation. If the customer decides to use the highway, in the event of a breakdown, he/she must contact a breakdown assistance service at his/her own expense.

The customer is responsible for keeping the car in good condition and using it in a responsible manner. It is forbidden to put unleaded 95-E10 in the car’s tank.

We ask you to be vigilant and systematically use unleaded 98 (SP98). At the end of the rental period, proof must be provided to the company (receipt or invoice).


Customers wishing to cancel or modify their reservation must immediately inform S2C by email at contact@voiturespassion.fr.

Modification: The customer can make a modification (day and time) up to 96 hours (4 days) before the start of the rental period.

Cancellation: The customer may cancel up to 30 days before the start of the rental period. In this case, the full amount of the cancelled reservation will be refunded. Otherwise, no refund will be possible.


If the cancellation is caused by S2C due to the unavailability or breakdown of the vehicle, the customer will receive a full refund of the rental price and any options. Under no circumstances will S2C reimburse ancillary expenses (hotel, plane/train ticket, etc.). Similarly, if the customer decides to interrupt a rental in progress at his or her own initiative, no reimbursement will be made.


The transfer of insurance (all risks MAIF) will be done through the car sharing company “CLASSIC HUB”. MAIF insurance covers all classic vehicles rented without a driver. Guarantees are granted only during the rental period (find the general insurance conditions on the link opposite: : MAIF general conditions)

The insurance taken out “all risks” designates and covers the following guarantees (guarantees applied with a deductible, see “deposit” section):

♦ Civil liability (compensation for damage caused to others)

♦ Compensation for bodily injury to the driver

♦ Car damage (all accidental damage to the car)

♦ Natural disasters with statutory deductible

The driver must be aged 25 or over and have held a driving license for at least 3 years.

In the event of an accident, the customer may have recourse to MAIF insurance, in which case he must inform the S2C company immediately.

Deposit :

A deposit of €2,000 will be required from the customer before the vehicle leaves. This will cover the insurance excess for any damage in excess of €2,000 (otherwise, the cost of repairs will be deducted from the deposit).

Breakdown service / Towing:

Whenever possible, S2C organizes and pays for this service (with the exception of spare parts, which remain the responsibility of the customer, ex: tires).


All vehicles offered for hire are fitted with a GPS chip which enables the vehicle to be located in the event of a breakdown, theft or other situation. It is forbidden to remove the GPS chip from the vehicle. Should this happen, the customer will be held responsible for all situations related to this act (theft, accident, etc.).

S2C reserves the right to analyze GPS data (route, speed, freeways) in order to elucidate a renter’s behavior.


S2C cannot be held responsible for traffic problems, accidents, or the loss or theft of personal or rented items.


The services, options, descriptions and, more generally, the texts and illustrations on the www.voiturespassion.fr site are the property of the company or its partners. No part of this site may be copied without our agreement.


By subscribing to the electronic newsletter, you agree to receive information e-mails about offers from Voitures Passion.

In accordance with the French Data Protection Act of January 6, 1978, you may unsubscribe from the mailing list by sending an e-mail to contact@voiturespassions.fr.

Rental terms and conditions


200 kilometers per day included. €0.50 per additional kilometer


Rentals without driver. Minimum age 25 + 5 years’ driving licence.

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